25 December 2007

I Must Have Been Good!

What about you? Did Santa bring your heart's desires? While I didn't get any women's lingerie, I'm not too torn up. Especially since they don't make much cute 'flip-top' (i.e. nursing) stuff anyway. I did get a few nursing shirts, a leather coat, slippers, fabulous dueling banjo penguins (I LOVE penguins :) ), a couple new penguin ornaments for the tree, a couple of books, a pair of gloves, homemade shopping bags (so we can quit killing quite as many trees to bring home our groceries and such) and some other fun stuff :D I must have been better than I thought this year. Hahahahaha....

More importantly, Maggie got some cute clothes and sleepers, a couple stuffed animals, a few toys, some homemade stuffed animals, a savings bond and a bit of cash. I already knew she'd been good for five months, though ;)

Hubby got work clothes (how exciting - NOT!), a memory thing for the computer, the little RC helicopter that everyone got (it was his very favorite gift - I'm glad I ordered it when he sent me the link!), a digital photo key chain, and a stocking full of goodies including a crow bar. Huh.

What did you and yours get? What was the best gift you gave?


Mutha Mae said...

I gave a lot of personalized gifts this year. People are really tickled to get items with their names on them. Otherwise, I got nothin! Nada! Sad, huh. Oh well. The best gift is having my family around me. :)

Unknown said...

Kudos to you for getting shopping bags. I love Pigs as much as you love penguins. but it's a curse when other people know it cuz then ALL your gifts are of the pig variety and not all of them are cute. KWIM. Glad to see you got some awesome gifts. I didn't get much, I guess I was bad this year or my friends and family suck at gift giving.