24 December 2007

Emotionally Charged

I'm emotional now that I'm finally home. I assume it's because of the holidays, and the fact that I'm finally home. I've been crying at nearly anything. Whether it's joy at how happy and healthy our baby is, or sympathy for those who don't have it as well, I'm a regular water fountain.

It's rather amusing, really. See, a week or so ago, hubby said his dad said he wasn't sure if he'd cry when he finally got to see the baby again at the airport. I laughed and said it must be hereditary, since hubby cried at the birth and I didn't. This, of course, is what certainly jinxed me. Ever since I said that I'm not a crier, I can't stop crying. Ugh. Hahahaha...

1 comment:

Steph said...

Aww! You are a sweetheart!! Merry Christmas!