06 December 2007

Happy St Nicholas Day!!

We found a stuffed stocking outside our door early this morning! St Nick said he had to borrow it from our downstairs neighbor since we didn't leave any shoes or stockings out like we were supposed to :) We got some gummy bears, nougat candies, clementines, chocolates and a box of Advent Teas - 24 different teas for the month of December!

Our neighbors rock :D

On a not-as-happy note - I'm missing the annual ornament exchange back home tonight :( There are usually around 30 ladies that bring an ornament, and then you get a number. The hostess draws a number to decide who goes first. Then, when it's your turn, you can either open a wrapped ornament from under the tree (which I usually do, cuz I like to unwrap), or steal one you really like that someone has already opened (which I do if there are any penguin ornaments already revealed!). I think the same group (more or less) has been doing it for like seven or eight years....

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Steph said...

Woohoo for cool neighbors! Thats SO nice of her.

Im sorry you're missing your ornament exchange.