13 November 2007

Tuesday Twosome

from Tuesday Twosome:
1. Fiction or non-fiction? Explain:
Usually fiction. I don't like reading with a 'sense of urgency,' which would be required with so much non-fiction. Although, I do enjoy memoirs from time to time.
2. Magazines or books? Explain:
Usually books. I tend to read through magazines too fast, and then have nothing left to read :(
3. Biography or autobiography? Explain:
Really no preference. I think the idea of autobiography has more of a 'truth' ring to it, but I'll read either one if they catch my fancy.
4. List your two favorite books:
Gone With the Wind
God on a Harley
5. List two books you haven’t read, but plan to:
hmmm...tough one. (okay, taking the easy way out with two books I've brought with me)
Deception Point
The Ravenscar Dynasty

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