29 November 2007

Strange Dream

So two nights ago I had another very odd dream. I was back in the States, and driving a station wagon. In the middle row of seats behind me was a small horse (yeah, I thought it was a pony, but I wasn't allowed to call it a pony. I don't know why). In the way back of the wagon was a large dog. I think I knew what breed when I first woke up, but I don't know now.

I had to call Girl about the horse and/or the dog. I don't remember what she said.

More importantly, I hadn't pumped any bottles before I left Germany, since it was just supposed to be short trip. I was trying to make it back to Maggie (in Germany)before I missed a feeding. Never mind that she's eating like every two hours lately, and the flight alone is more than six hours each way.


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Steph said...

Gotta love those weird dreams.