02 December 2007

Rain, rain...

What an ultimate afternoon. We went to a 'house meeting' this morning (the services such as cleaning the halls and snow removal are not contracted out here, so they have to get done somehow...), then decided to head into town to get lunch and see the Christmas Market. After going almost past our building, we decided the cold icky rain would not feel good for us or the baby for a mile walk into town, so we headed home. Dear hubby drove to McDonalds to pick up lunch.

The baby fell to sleep after the big people ate. I read for a bit while hubby watched tv, then I snuck to the bedroom and pulled the covers up to my chin (which I can't do at night, sleeping with the baby by my side). I was out for about an hour before he found me, but he just crawled in next to me and we slept for another hour or so. What a wonderful rainy afternoon!!

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