25 November 2007

Home Again (more or less...)

We're back at apartment sweet apartment :)

MIL and BIL are on their way home. Parting is such sweet sorrow... We have such a small apartment to start with it was definitely crowded to double the adults here for a week, but it was a pleasure to have so much help with the baby - and grandmas certainly don't see it as work! Hahahaha...

Thursday my charming husband took his younger brother to Amsterdam (since his hope on the trip was to visit Berlin or Amsterdam, and Amsterdam is a bit closer to here). His mother and I walked around town here and through the park I remembered from my visit here a few years ago. It was a nice day. And we made a great find with the guy selling doner kebops outside the door of our neighborhood market. Yum!!

Friday we all headed to a small town called Bacharach on the Rhine. We were a little worried about the inn before we got there when we saw bad online reviews for it, but it was really nice. The bed (unfortunately?) was more comfortable than our bed here. What can you do?

When we all got up on Saturday, we went to Marksburg Castle and then to Loreley Rock. It was pleasant, and the baby behaved beautifully :) Unfortunately, we then pushed our luck by trying to go to Koblenz for dinner. Suffice it to say we ended up heading back to the hotel and eating pizza. Poor baby! When will we learn not to push it!

Anyway, I know my 'summary' isn't very entertaining, but hubby is sitting across from me writing his version, with pictures right this minute :) Once he's done, I'll scam it from where he posts it. Hahahahaha....
Stay tuned!

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