26 November 2007


I do not want to go outside. Really. I'm having one of those days where my bones feel cold, ya know?
But I'm also hungry. The markets here are closed on Sundays, so we could't get any food when we got home last night. Today I've eaten one of my clementines, the rest of the cream cheese on some flatbread, a granola bar, a yogurt and a little candy bar. I'd really like to have some nutella and toast, but we're out of bread. And I'd love to have some of hubby's chinese chicken (no, that's not code, it's a recipe, ya perv!), but we don't have chicken yet. And the best dessert here is waffles with nutella and jelly on them, but we're just about out of jelly too.

So I'm trying to get moving. My project for this afternoon is to bundle myself up, then bundle the baby up, empty out some of our shopping bags, and head to the market. I can do this. I will do this...

But I sure don't want to do this :(


Steph said...

Do you have something warm you can drink before you brave the weather.

I hope you can get out and that it is a surprisingly wonderful experience.

Anonymous said...

MMM...nuttella. That stuff is my version of crack I tell ya. :)

Can't say I blame you for not wanting to brave the cold, but I wish you brilliant adventures. :)