18 November 2007

Family Stories

So my mother-in-law and brother-in-law are here now. They flew in yesterday and will be spending the week with us. It's the perfect week for it; with Thanksgiving and the day after being celebrated in the U.S., my brother-in-law will miss less school while still getting a full week here :)
My mother-in-law was telling a story about one of her first dates with my father-in-law. They were all at her parents' house hanging out, when her sister got home from work. They heard a funny popping noise from the garage. My father-in-law started laughing because he recognized it right away. Her sister was insistent when they went out to thge garage that the telephone pole had been moved out into the street. Yeah, right. The noise they heard was her attempt at do-it-yourself dent repair with a toilet plunger. Hahahaha..I'd never heard that one before..

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Tiffany said...

Funny! I'm glad you get family to spend Thanksgiving with!! I am so excited for you and glad everything is going well.