19 November 2007

Another Week Begins...

So I've got a load of laundry in (which here amounts to three pair of jeans, two dress shirts, a sweater and a couple little things), the baby is in her first diaper since waking, and I'm logged in to work.
Lucky me this week, though, Grandma and Uncle Nolan are playing with the baby, so the computer has a much better percentage of my attention than usual.
This afternoon they're planning on running up to the market. I'll go with if I have enough work in before then. Still don't know what we're planning for this weekend. Hubby doesn't like being responsible for making plans, and the rest of us don't know the German or have the local (work people) resources that he does. Bummer. The suggestions I've made have been really expensive areas - oops! I don't usually have such expensive tastes ;)

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Steph said...

Im glad you have some family there and are getting to work more. I hope you can find something neatto do for the weekend.