16 November 2007

Coming to a Theater Near You!

Have you heard about The Mist by Stephen King? It's being released on November 21, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. What a great break from all the frantic shopping on black Friday, eh?

Most of the Stephen King 'exposure' I have is from reading his books. I actually have Rose Madder with me to read on this trip. My first exposure to The Mist (pun intended) was when I read the short story. It was in a book of short stories by Stephen King that I borrowed from a co-worker (oops - don't think I ever returned it either. Sorry, Bryan!). It was definitely intriguing, and I'll be interested to see how it was translated into a feature film.

Thinking back on the story, I think it'll pull at me even more, now that I have Maggie. In the story, the lead character has to deal with the mist and the people around him, all while trying to protect not only his little boy's life, but what he sees and is exposed to as the world they knew falls apart. I can horrifically try to imagine that even more as a parent than when I originally read the story.

I don't recognize the cast names, but that isn't saying much with my regular media exposure. Hahahaha.... Sometimes I almost enjoy seeing things better when I don't have any preconceived notions of 'who' the actors are, KWIM?

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