13 October 2007

Wonderful Weekend

Wonderfully lazy, that is! Hahahaha...Actually, I got a decent deal of straightening done in my office, got a crafty project half done for a friend who's helped me out and ate breakfast, lunch and dinner (yes, three meals counts as an accomplishment!). Oh! And I pumped four ounces :) I've got to remember to check on how much she's probably eating. Last night she took a four ounce bottle only an hour and a half after I'd breastfed her, then an hour later took another 3.5 ounces! I've got a freezer with six four-ounce bottles...are her poor caregivers going to have to give her two at a time?! And if so, I'm in deep doo-doo...I can't pump that much by Thursday.
Tomorrow I've got more crafty stuff to finish up (tying up all my loose ends before a week of work turns into two months away from home...), try to get up and go to church and eat three meals again :D At least three. If I make it to church, maybe I'll get the change out of the car seats to go get some snacks too. Must. Keep. Eating.

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Steph said...

Three meals is HUGE! Yay! :) Im glad it was a good weekend.