13 October 2007

Time Management

I keep wondering what I'll do when Maggie doesn't sleep most of the time. I'm actually not sure if I'll get more or less done. See, I don't get a lot done now, because I spend a lot of time making myself available to her, which usually means planted in the living room next to her (with me facing the tv, and her facing away from the tv). Last week I got sucked into 'How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.' Very funny movie. My excuse? After the little rat dog, Krull, peed on the pool table at the guy's office because of the green felt, I knew he was going to pee again on the guy's poker tables at home because it was more green felt. Hehehehehehehe.... Am I turning into an adolescent boy? That dog going wee-wee was cracking me up. Did she train him to do that?

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