07 October 2007

Sunday, October 7, 2007

At least the to-do list is getting done in plenty of time...now hopefully some of the tasks on it will get accomplished this week as well!
  1. Find a doctor to see Maggie for her 2-month well-baby visit before we leave the country.
  2. Finish thank-you cards (I really mean it this week - I have like less than 5 to go!).
  3. Send birth announcements out.
  4. Finish miscellaneous scrapbook projects and such (I think I have three things 'in progress' that will never, ever get done if I don't finish them before I go back to work again...)
  5. Sincerely try to straighten up office (and my life will be a ton easier if I finish this before attempting item number 4. Space to accomplish tasks makes tasks so much more pleasant. Just sayin).

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