07 October 2007

Shopping List

One of my projects when I get home again and make it through the holidays successfully is to start on Maggie's scrapbook. I always thought once I was staying at home I'd be right on top of that stuff, but I started out too worried about money. Now that I've got the work-from-home stuff squared away, I'll be able to pick out the stuff I need and use some Joann's coupons to get it all, then get to work!

That's not the only task that's fallen to the side while I waited for steady income. I also need to (sooner rather than later!), check on Shoes.com deals to get some boots without heels. Well, with heels, but no height. I think you knew what I meant...Luckily, I've not only finally got a job and will have some disposable income (not a lot, though...) and the online coupons to make it stretch!

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