06 September 2007

Still Smiling

Sometimes it all really starts to wear on me. I'm here all day with a baby who doesn't even really 'play' yet (give it a few more weeks...), but I really do appreciate the opportunity to be home, raising my daughter.
So then when my man gets home, I'm THRILLED to see him and want to be pleasant, but at least half the time he's grumpy from work. When he's grumpy, it makes me annoyed and drags me down too. So then I feel like I'm nagging if I ask him anything at all (tonight it was, 'would you rather have hot dogs or leftover spaghetti for dinner?' I'm so mean.)
And, since I still haven't found a consistent 'work from home' gig, I keep trying to grab a few minutes in my office to slap up a quick post that will net me a few bucks. Have I ruined my blog for the sake of commercialism too? I hope not.

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