07 September 2007


So my father-in-law has this...thing..with post-it notes. When you go in to the cottage, you'll notice they're EVERYWHERE. But, as someone pointed out last weekend, anyone walking in then knows how everything works, or what to do to make it work. My father-in-law's truck is the same way. Which leads to my crazy husband story.

A few weeks ago, my man and a friend of his took the boat out. The boat needs my father-in-law's truck to pull it, so they were driving that. On their way to the lake, traffic came to a stop. Unfortunately for my father-in-law, the boys needed to find some way to amuse themselves. They found some spare post-its and added a few more truck accessories for my father-in-law. Stuff like, 'Press here to honk horn,' 'AM radio best for traffic - try 760,' 'Drinks go here' (on the cupholder), 'Look here to see who's behind you' (on the rear view mirror) - and so on and so forth. Luckily they said he was amused to see the additions. What goofballs!

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