24 September 2007

Mission Organization?

So yesterday, after spending the day at a baby-fest of relatives, my hungry husband and I picked up a pizza and antipasto salad on the way home. Our gathering had been for 'brunch' so we hadn't eaten since like noon or something. With nursing Maggie, I'm supposed to be eating more often than not, and I'm no good at it (don't hate me!)
After dinner, while I was in the bathroom (okay, I was hiding and doing sudoku, so shoot me), he decided the kitchen cupboards were a mess - which I already knew. By the time I got back out to the kitchen, he had found my secret stash of Nutty Bars (oops!) and was rather passionately reorganizing the cupboard.
I don't mind doing the kitchen cupboards at my own pace. I'm just wondering now what kind of magic he could work in the garage with a car lift...hmm....

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