28 September 2007


Last night was really nice. We decided to skip the movie and just do dinner and go shopping (okay, mostly because momma didn't want to leave the baby that long...). Since we didn't head out til almost 7, we hit the mall first. I never knew it would be so frustrating to find nursing tops. For starters, every time you ask a store clerk if they have nursing tops, they first think 'nursing scrubs,' not booby accessible shirts. The only place we ended up finding any of the type of nursing tops I was looking for was Motherhood Maternity. And I'm not even linking to them cuz they had like 3 and their sizing was HUGE! The smallest they had was a medium, and that was substantially too large. Darn.

At Kohl's, I ended out picking out a pair of pants (not jeans, woo-hoo!!) and a zippered cardigan hoody. The sweater came with a tank underneath, but I don't see myself wearing that anytime. My man ended up getting a sweater and a work shirt at Eddie Bauer (since they have tall sizes, a lot of his clothes are from there). The last attempt at getting nursing tops was at JC Penney. They didn't have any (surprised?), but we got an adorable little outfit for Maggie. It's a long-sleeved onesie with a witch on the front, with orange and white striped pants with a black cat on the leg. Too cute! I'll probably use it for her 3-month pictures too.

Still reading? hahaha For dinner, we headed over to Logan's Roadhouse, since I always love a good steak. Our waitress, Kristen, was super awesome. My husband said it was our night out, and she said she would make sure we had a great time and wanted to come back to Logan's every time. I think it may have worked, Kristen!

Overall, it was a really nice night out, and he got me in a good enough mood to agree to letting him go to a metal concert with his brother on Saturday. He said I could go and his mom would watch the baby, but I'd rather stay home with my cuddle-bug and get to bed earlier than they will. Wow, I must really be a mom! :P

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