27 September 2007

Date Night!

It's Thursday again, and my marvelous man has arranged another babysitter for us. His dad and his dad's wife are coming over tonight so he and I can go out. My special request for tonight is the movies (with popcorn, of course). Since they're coming over pretty soon after he gets home from work, I imagine we'll grab something for dinner while we're out.

I'm trying to talk him in to a bit of shopping. Nothing fun like books, but apparently they're right - my priorities as a mom are changing. I DESPERATELY need new clothes. Every day I wear jeans (thank goodness for that little bit of spandex, eh?) and a maternity shirt. Okay, so today I'm wearing one of my tighter fitting shirts that is a bit longer, but it makes Maggie's feedings a bit more challenging. I would love a pair of casual pants (instead of jeans, to dress things up a bit) and a few nursing tops. We'll see!

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