21 September 2007

Friday Fun

from Friday Fun:

List four...

1. Things next to your bed.
a window
my dresser
the bathroom door
my cat (usually)
2. Things you would like to have, regardless of cost.
new clothes that fit
new screens/windows
new patio (instead of the deck)
more friends
3. Things you wish you hadn’t done.
gotten married the first time
run up so much credit card debt
taken out so many student loans
let my office get to be such a mess
4. Things you would like to learn.
how to speak better German
how to knit (I know, I know...mom has already taught me several times)
baby sign language (with Maggie, of course)
how to belly dance
5. Websites that you like to shop at.
Victoria's Secret
JC Penney
someplace with cool nursing tops
6. Blogs that I should visit. And I will then visit all of them!
Two Lines on a Stick
Karaoke Diva
Andria and Co.
A Mother's Musings

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for nursing tops I know www.glamourmom.com has some cool tank tops. I don't know about regular shirts but their tank tops are really nice. Not cheap though :(