25 September 2007

Another Day

I made a rather lame attempt at gathering my household donations for Purple Heart. There's some ceramic..thing...and an old sugar bowl and a couple things from the kitchen like that, but I haven't taken the time yet to package them so they don't get broken. Instead I went through my closet and a couple drawers and picked out like five things I'm tired of and put them in a bag. My logic is that by putting the bag on the porch, I'll be able to tell if they've already picked up later on when I have time to do it right. If I were better at this stuff, I'd go ahead and do a 'good' bag this afternoon whether or not they've already been here, cuz they'll come again next time, and I'll pull the same tricks at this rate....

Maggie is waking up slowly. She pulled her Houdini trick again last night and had one leg out of the swaddle when I woke up to nurse her at 3am. Crazy kid! I re-swaddled her and we finally got back to sleep before 4, so that's pretty good, actually. I'm not sure if swaddling is going to keep working since she's growing more and more fond of her thumb. Anyone who swaddled - how old were your babies when you stopped?

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