15 September 2006

I've finally started the ball rolling for a transfer. I'd hate to leave the company I work for, but I've decided I'm definitely ready for a change-of-pace job-wise. I've applied for a few different options, just to check em out. One in servicing, one in vender services (payoffs, I think) and one in recruiting (doing background stuff). I'm leaning toward the servicing one right now. I'd have to learn a lot about mortgages, and fast, but I talked to the chick doing the hiring over there and she sounded cool with it. We'll see what happens!

My man is at the Rob Zombie show with his brother tonight, so my mission is to finish up our thank you cards from the shload of stuff we got at our big party last week.

Course, you know me...maybe I'll warm up my fingers with a little Texas Hold'em Poker and Texas Hold'em first.. hehehehe

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