01 February 2006

He threw it away.
There was an envelope on the counter containing my sealed, official copies of my birth certificate and divorce decree. He thought it was his envelope of work stuff and threw it away Sunday night. The trash came on Tuesday morning.
Luckily mom has one more copy of the birth certificate and the county clerk says they don't need the divorce decree to issue a new marriage license. So tomorrow we'll go get the spare copy of the official birth certificate and then he can go get our marriage license.
I am on an emotional roller coaster lately.
Yesterday it was the car. My car is not behaving like it should lately. Unfortunately this is the car we were going to take to Florida. So yesterday's drama was finding transportation to Florida to meet with our departing cruise ship. After looking into planes (bad schedule) and trains (no schedule at our locations), we settled on an automobile...rental, that is. That got complicated because it actually cost more for two one-way rentals (which many companies wouldn't even do) than to get a round-trip rental and pay for parking while we're on the cruise. So it's done.
And how wonderful is my man? He had the whole situation straightened out before I even got to my car after work.
Lucky I love him ;) Lucky for both of us.

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