18 November 2005

Well, the evilness of SBC and WOW (Wide Open West) have pretty much put the ka-bonk on my ability to play Texas Holdem Poker or Texas Holdem. I won't have internet at home until probably the 25th of November. I can't play at work because that's not what they pay me to do (and the firewall blocks em).

I just finished doing a bad, bad thing. I applied for another credit card. Credit cards already have me in serious trouble. This time there's a method to my madness. It's 0% interest for six months. I really, really, really want to get my teeth fixed before I get married next spring. I had them bonded before I went into high school, and they're now starting to yellow pretty noticeably. I don't want happy pictures that I'll want to treasure forever, with yellow teeth. So if I can charge it at 0% interest, I'll have money to pay for it next spring after I pay off my car. I never knew I was so vain. *shrug*

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