22 August 2005

I don't know how I feel anymore. I'm either a wide-awake insomniac, or completely exhausted and able to sleep for days. In turns, of course. I can't decide if I'm strong, or coldly callous, or just numb. And I can't quite bring myself to care.

On another note, I went to visit a friend's new business (which I'll link at a later date, for reasons about to become obvious). She's one of those 'perfect' friends who can't ever quite say something just nice to you. It's always backhanded compliments, with the judgmental edge thinly veiled. She's opened a weight loss business. I've never had an extra pound on me. Tonight she looks at me and says, "You don't look as thin as you used to." Excuse me? I've lost 10 - 15 pounds just from being in better shape and eating regularly since I saw her on a regular basis. And now maybe I'm getting, 'less thin?' Whatever.

Well, the book I'm reading, Wind Chill Factor is actually getting to a point where I might care how it ends, so I'm going to go read a bit before I (hopefully!) fall to sleep.

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