28 June 2005

Made it back from Vegas – barely! It was an excellent weekend right up til Sunday afternoon when I just kept feeling crappier and crappier. Then we got to the airport around 10pm to find out our flight was indeed at 12:55a.m….last night! :O
Luckily the nice man switched us to a flight that hadn’t already left and didn’t charge us a fee for it, either. Rumor has it it was because I was looking pretty pitiful by that time.

Before all that drama, though, we’d already enjoyed a fabulous weekend that felt like a lot more than 48 hours! Saturday before my cousin’s wedding we took the tour of Hoover Dam. The dam jokes never stopped…the guides were quite amusing and the tour was entertaining and informative. I’ll try to get a couple dam pictures up later.

The wedding was very nice. I loved that they used Believer from Shrek 2 as their recessional song.

Sunday my man got exactly what he wanted out of the whole trip – a boat ride on Lake Mead! We rented a lil Bayliner and he drove six of us around for a couple hours. Quite a perspective, seeing the dam and the desert landscape from down there. It was definitely gorgeous.

Now I’m finally giving in to how sick I’ve felt for a week and going to the doctor this afternoon. If I can feel better, maybe I can better face the disappointment of still not having a job. Haven’t heard anything else on the one that seems so promising for a few days at a time...

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