24 June 2005

I've been quite the slack poster lately, eh? My most sincerest apologies.
So you stopped by to hear my latest drama? This morning, still fighting the head-cold from hell, I decided to go back to bed for one hour after my man left for work at 7:30. Unfortunately, I was panicked to hear voices in the house at 8:20 or so. It turns out the cleaning ladies were scheduled to come by today, but neither of us remembered. I called him and he said I could come get part of our Vegas spending money (*insert sad face*) to pay them.
After getting the money, I still had time to kill, since my home isn't really my own while they're there working. So I made the best of it and charged myself a manicure and pedicure :D Course now I'm anxiously thinking dry thoughts so I'll be able to finally take a shower today and not mess them up! (insert Texas Holdem Poker and Texas Holdem Online here. hahahaha)

This weekend is my cousin's wedding in Vegas! Woo-hoo! They actually live in Vegas, so it's only a vacation for the rest of it. I'm pretty excited. We're staying at New York New York. Our flight doesn't leave til late afternoon, but I'm taking my parents and brother to the airport first for their earlier flight so we all only have to pay to park one car. We're all on the same flight back on Sunday, so it works perfectly!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend too!

P.S...also still very anxiously waiting to hear about the potential job. They had me fingerprinted the other day, so that should be a good sign, right???

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