25 December 2004

Happy Holidays!!
Did Santa bring you everything you wanted? I got:
  • He's Just Not That Into You from the man (I had pointed it out everytime we went shopping..so far it is laugh-out-loud funny!),
  • a bathrobe from Victoria's Secret ( I desperately needed a robe!),
  • a garage door opener so I don't have to type in the keypad to get in the house anymore,
  • new gloves and hand lotion,
  • a new automatic scooping cat box (from the same favorite brother who got me one for my birthday...that got broken - long story...),
  • an Old Navy gift card,
  • some new plates and glasses, and
  • all the awesome office furniture in early November.

    The best part, of course isn't the presents. This has been my best holiday season ever because I get to spend it with the love of my life.

    Hope you are enjoying your friends and family. Remember to focus on the good stuff, no matter how hard it seems you have to look for it sometimes.
    Wishing you and yours all the best!!
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