12 November 2004

Yeah, about those before/after pics...
I should have the rest of the box stuff done by the end of next week. Mom and I did manage to get (and assemble!) a bookcase, a wardrobe dealy so all my PartyLite boxes don't look like they're taking over, two rubbermaid things to store seasonal decorations in the wet basement, two rubbermaid with drawers things to organize more stuff in the office, and a mini bookcase that goes in the corner. Looks about a million times better so far.

So tonight was again boys night out. Which is mostly okay, since I need to (should be!) working on my NaNoWriMo novel. Just kinda annoys me because last weekend he went to the Slayer concert with other people (the venue would've been a little rough for me), and said he was spending the last of his money as a 'splurge' to do that. Of course, I have NO money, so I don't do anything without him. He still doesn't get paid til Monday, but now he gets to go out AGAIN and I don't?

I'll definitely be getting a job ASAP so I can go out someday too. Unfortunately, no one seems interested in hiring me when I'll need 3 weeks off between now and the end of the year. :(

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