15 November 2004

Really, really, thoroughly down in the dumps today.

Called to put the student loan back in unemployed forebearance again. Then called to see what can be done about ~$300 in medical bills. They can divide them into three monthly payments for me. Even she realized this doesn't help much, with no reliable income. I told her I'll keep sending what I can. She let me know that it'll probably go to collections in a couple months, but most collection agencies can divide it into smaller payments. I apologized for being a loser.

Procrastinating now because I really, really need cat food. Hoping there's enough left in my checking account (maybe $20 since mom threw some pity money in for me last week?) for food and some litter. Someone's messing on the rug because she isn't happy with the way I'm keeping things. So why doesn't she go get a job? She won't be in Germany for two weeks.
So now I need a job wayyy more than I need a vacation, but if I try and skip the vacation I'd really have to repay the $426 he already spent for my plane ticket. Damned if I do, damned if I don't.

And I don't think he was ever kidding when he said he'll marry me after I pay off my debt. I'm just not worth that kind of negative equity.

So I'll stay single until I come up with $15K+.

Anyone want to buy a kidney?

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