11 October 2004

We had a very good weekend. Fall is my absolute favorite season. Here in Michigan, the weather is just right for a light jacket, the sun is shining and the trees are a beautiful rainbow of colors as the leaves change.

Friday we did nothing but realize we're getting old, as Friday had snuck up on us and we had no plans! I had tried to give blood earlier in the day and felt horribly drained. He found me asleep on the couch when he got home, without even having started dinner - oops! Luckily the 'I TRIED' sticker on my shirt and obnoxious bandage on my arm clued him in not to give me a hard time about it!

Saturday we finally went dancing at Luna. I was pimping my fishnet stockings, mini-skirt and white sheer shirt with a burgandy tank underneath. It felt weird to be wearing my Mary Janes instead of boots, but I managed somehow.

Yesterday was a very lazy day again. After sleeping half the day away, we decided to go to the cider mill. Remembering eating the fresh, warm, sugared donut makes my mouth water again. The cider isn't real sweet yet, and they didn't have any caramel apples :O, so we'll be going again before the season's out.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

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