13 October 2004

Very odd, mildly disturbing dream yesterday.
Background: My man went to a college in the boondocks where the men are men, the women are men and the sheep are scared. Nuff said. He's revisiting the college (or at least the town) in a week or so on a 'guy's weekend.' Fine.
So in my dream, he's with one of these (wo)men in our bed. It's part of a reality t.v. show, so I'm not too bothered. Yes, they're doing exactly what's implied (but luckily I don't have to watch this part of the dream...)
Anyway, the trouble starts when (s)he comes out into the living room wearing my Cuddles the Bunny (Happy Tree Friends) shirt.
I still don't get mad, but I do get the power drill. And I slowly and methodically follow her around the house drilling holes in her until (s)he dies.
What was creepy was I never got mad.

I kept asking my man at lunch - how could you, with something so nasty? He said I'm not allowed to use the drill anymore :D

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