01 October 2004

Fother Mucker.
So I did my candle show, and he went to friend-I-don't-like's house in the same town. Friend's wife had to do cheerleading stuff, so it was probably a guy thing. Whatever. I was supposed to call him when I got done anyway and we'd decide where to take it from there.
I call. No answer.
My voicemail says I have a message. It's him, 25 minutes ago, saying he's using the wife's phone, they're walking around town, I should call friend (since man's phone is dead, apparently) if I want to and we can all hang out. If I don't want to, he'll be home late. Loves me, etc.
So I listen to the message twice to try and remember friend's number. Get it right, cuz I get friend's voicemail.
Useless jerks.
If they didn't want me to join the three of them, why not just say so? I don't know where friend and wife live other than 'behind the bowling alley.' So I left a message for man and friend saying...umm....guess I won't be joining, since I don't know where you are and no one's answering.
I'm hurt and feel like I've been intentionally cast aside.
So I'm drinking and it feels better already. Not really.

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