27 September 2004

Yet another week starts out.
Today's to-do list is definitely intimidating. Finally got new catalogs in on Friday (email me if you need one!), so today includes sending out more catalogs to a bunch of already scheduled hostesses, kicking things off for almost 10 book-show hostesses and even sending catalogs to a few people who just plan on placing their own order but haven't seen a book yet! Zikes!
I also have EBay sales to ship and a thank-you gift for Grandma (a dictionary so she can play Scrabble fairly!) for letting us stay there for a weekend recently.
You'd think after listing out all that I'd realize that I don't have time to be posting...hehehe...oh, well..
It's good to have some purpose again, but I don't know how used to it I'm getting. Today is it, though..I have to work a temp assignment tomorrow and Wednesday and also have a candle show tomorrow night - busy, busy, busy!

Still a few Gmail invites available if you're interested....

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