22 July 2004

Well...not a busy week for my posts - sorry!
Some of you have clicked through to BookCrossing. I know because my profile there shows I've referred 5 people! This is the only place I have it linky-ed, so fess up! hehehehhe Really, I'm just curious.

Went to the doctor for my annual today. Told her the man and I probably want to start having kids within a year or so (after we're married...which isn't planned yet, but won't be a big shibang...). She wrote me a script for another year of birth control pills, then added on to it 100 pre-natal vitamins :O  She said as soon as I stop taking the pill (for the purpose of getting pregnant...) I should start taking those. Wow. Sort of gives me butterflies in my stomach. If I've got doctor's advice on it already, it makes it somehow more real than just he and I talking about it. I'm excited.

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