19 July 2004

Saturday was one of the longest days of my life (not all bad :) )
Started out at 8am with a fresh pedicure :) Back to meet the man for our motorcycle ride to a bbq around noon. Party was nice...ride was nice (just under an hour or so, i think?)
Unfortunately, the bbq was moved inside when it started raining.....remember who arrived on a motorcycle? Yeah.
The next hour ride was very, very, very wet. I was wetter than I had been in the shower that morning. And not necessarily in a good way. Stopped before our initial intended destination to strip down in the garage and wash and dry our disgusting clothes at his dad's place.
Finally got back on the road in a couple hours (when it was finally dry and we had enjoyed dinner...). The rest of the trip (another couple hours?) was uneventful, if uncomfortable.. ;)
I'm sure he'd tell it better than I did, but that's it in a nutshell...

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