12 April 2004

We made it and didn't even consider killing each other!
The man and I traveled over 2400 miles between Thursday afternoon and this morning...and had a blast! I never would have thought I could make conversation with one person on so much stuff. This is, indeed, a very good thing.
And for my girly-girl comment of the day, he said he loves me :) He said it a bunch. Even my mom commented how good we look together and how happy...

New Orleans was excellent, by the way. I'd never been before, but it was right up my alley. We were at a hotel within walking distance to Bourbon St; spent Friday and Saturday night wandering, drinking and generally having a very good time. Along with us were a friend of the man and his girlfriend. Friday night we all had quite a bit to drink, and I told him I wanted to have his babies. Yeah, that's smooth :D But with him, it was fine....
Saturday we went on a paddleboat ride on the Mississippi River and I got my first lil sunburn of the season (trying to get a little color and base before Atlantis next month!).
So I'm finally deliriously happy and wanted to share it with ya'll :)

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