07 April 2004

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It worked! All our positive thinking (and the wonders of modern medicine...) have my girl on the mend.
Her fever was still up to 104.5 yesterday afternoon, and there was so much gunk in the sample they put her on two antibiotics...Since they'd already given her fluids and injected an antibiotic yesterday they let me bring her home last night.
I took her back in this morning just for a re-check and her temp is normal! :D Now we're just on 10 days of one drug and 14 days of another...

The complication is that I'm still supposed to leave for New Orleans tomorrow! I'm trying frantically to get a hold of the vet tech who said she could stop by twice a day all weekend to give Audj her pills...no answer so far! I've got my back-up plan in place...my mommy (bless her soul :) said she can come out tomorrow night if I haven't hooked up yet...and she can take the key and money to the chick if I talk to her after I've left town. Big ole shout out to mom for potentially driving 1/2 hour each way just to give my cat a pill....

Thanks so much for worrying with me - we will now continue with our scheduled programming ;)

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