19 April 2004

I have the absolute very best boyfriend in the whole world.
Thursday my brakes sounded off, but not squealing, so I wasn't sure what the deal was. Friday night they were definitely grinding, and it even made noise when I was rolling, not braking. Arrghh!! Made it to his house anyway Friday night.
Saturday morning I asked him to take it for a test drive (on our way to breakfast:D). Uh-oh! It sounded so bad he wouldn't even take it out of the driveway!
So he spent a beautiful Saturday replacing the brake pads, having the rotors turned, washing and waxing the car and changing the oil! Woo-hoo!! I am spoiled! (Okay, so I did clean his house at the same time, but there's no way I could have done the brakes, even if he cleaned his own house!)

Three cheers for the man!!

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