22 March 2004

Oh. My. Gosh.
Is today over yet?
I set out a little late for my meeting tonight. On the way there I passed an accident that had just happened, so I called 911. She asked for descriptions of the vehicles involved. I told her a silver one and a red one. Yeah - attention to detail. I'll make a great dispatcher.
Then I got to my meeting (on time!) and promptly locked my keys in my car. So while I was at the site of the meeting on time, I was watching for the locksmith my auto insurance company was sending for the first part of the meeting. Called and bothered dear boyfriend 3 times for that particular fiasco.
After the meeting (during which I found out the contest I won was cancelled), I started my drive home and received a call from one of my California friends and talked to her for the half hour drive to the post office.
Then the fun really started. Once I got home and started opening my mail, I saw my cell phone (budgeted for $39). Yeah. Two digits. Thirty and nine. Substantially less budgeted than the actual bill of $194.33. Somebody shoot me. I have about two weeks to come up with an extra $160 out of nowhere. Literally no where. My job is done after tomorrow too.

The good news? Tomorrow has got to be better, or silent. If it gets any worse, I'll be dead before I can post again.

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