25 March 2004

Just a few more days on my time for earning my trip to Atlantis Resort. Yup. Paradise Island. Bahamas. Count me in - well, almost. I have til Wednesday, March 31 at midnight (ET) to get just under $1300 in sales submitted. I have about $1000 pending right now and another show tomorrow...

Had lunch with a friend today at Max & Erma's (or as my friend's son said, Max and Nermas. His name is Max, so I suppose he'd know...). Anyway, it ended up being a huge, obnoxious, me-glowing describing the new man and every detail leading up to now thing...but she said that was okay ;)
Things are still going quite swimmingly. My family loves him (even dad said so, which doesn't usually happen). He's met some of my friends, and I've met some of his and no one has run screaming. He's even seen the messy place I live in (that I plan on working on before he gets here tomorrow...). I am happy. Mark this date.

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