18 February 2004

Here we go again?

It’s been a long evening, and somehow I’m not sure if it’s more good or more bad.

We got done with work early (again) and have the rest of the week off. We’re trained but have no work. Whatever. It’s only money…

Running around doing errands, I decided since I’d called twice and the ex obviously isn’t mailing back my key, I’d go get it. I called his voicemail (I’m sure he wasn’t available, instead of just ignoring my call) and said that I wanted to stop by his work and get my key. If that wouldn’t work out, let me know. Otherwise, I’d see him in a couple hours. Then of course I just sweated out the next couple hours.

I got to the bar a half hour after his shift was supposed to have started. I asked another employee if he was hiding around somewhere (since I didn’t see him). She said no, he wouldn’t be in. I explained that I had called a few times and was trying to get my key back. Then I asked if he’d be in on Friday (his next regularly scheduled day). She said she didn’t think he’d be back. Umm….whatever. He worked there for five years and then suddenly doesn’t when I’m looking for him? Okay. Not like I can argue it. I put the word out with a friend that whenever someone sees him, ask for my key. Turns out she saw him last night, so he’s still around. If he has they key, he should return it. If not, let me know and I’ll quit asking for it. Fucker (excuse my language…).

Then I got home and made candle calls. Must. Book. Shows. Got one to book in April (I really need March, but next I’ll really need April, so it’s all good). Got 5 voicemails in a row. Feeling verrryyy avoided! During all this, guy that said he’d call on his way to the game – didn’t. I did tell him that he doesn’t have to call every day, but when he says he will, he’d better! Thems the rules, folks.

Called my mom to whine long and hard. Halfway through, got a call back from one of the candle folks saying she’s got a lot of people coming to her party and might want to start!!! Fabulous news that I’m scared to death to trust, because I really need it!

Guy finally called after the game…fine. We’re supposed to meet tomorrow. I didn’t tell him I’m not working, so I can ‘sneak’ to the meeting place and have him come find me, instead of facing the fact that I don’t know what he looks like. Yeah – drunken meetings always have repercussions.

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