07 January 2004

I never thought I could be so content doing nothing - and a lot of it! - for days on end. Okay, 3 days so far, and I suppose it's a little more than nothing. But I still have no job. And I'm still not really worried about it.
Want to hear fabulous news? I scheduled another starter show today!!! What does this mean? I'm almost certainly going to Atlantis resort in May, all expenses paid!! Thank you, PL!

Met the sister last night. She's very cool (along with her husband and kids...). I'm trying to invite her to the next..um...adult toy party I'm going to, but her brother is quite against the idea. Not sure I get that, but whatever. If she calls me before then, I'll see what I can do..*evil grin*
Also had words with da man yesterday about being nice again. Sorry, pal, the honeymoon is so not over after 2 weeks. If you want to keep kissing my butt long term, keep kissing my butt! Hopefully you understand that like I mean it, not like it sounds on paper....He was very complimentary at first, now he's still polite, but for heaven's sake, a girl (at least this girl!) likes some fawning on a regular basis! Lemmee feel the love, ya know?

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