09 January 2004

Calgon - take me away!!
I've been home for an hour, more or less. I came home early (for me) to get ready for a candle show first thing in the morning. Got here, went to the bathroom and did what I needed to there - but that's not the end of that part of the story! Damn toilet overflows. Of course being the natural blond that I am, I forgot how to stop it for a second....finally found the right part....stood there holding it while my socks got soaked in unpleasantness...finally tied the piece up with dental floss.
Quickly changed out of my pjs, drove like a bat out of hell to the store to get a plunger....got the cheapest one possible (since I have like $5 to my name...)
I've now plunged and let the water slowly drain out like 3 times, but I still can't flush the focker without it overflowing!!! Yes, on a Friday night! I have no freaking clue how to get emergency maintenance, still have to get ready for my show in the morning, don't want to take a shower in that nasty bathroom and am totally dreading going out in 7 degree weather to drive to the store every time I have to use the damn bathroom!
Welcome to my hell.

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