02 December 2003

Wow! Guess I need to catch things up a bit...
NaNoWriMo? Not-so-much.
Holidays? Haven't killed anyone yet. ;) No, really, that's a good thing. Pretty much same..er..stuff, different day.

My fun project lately, while I'm never home, is giving other people out and about what I call their 'Indian Names.' You know, very descriptive names, like Native American 'Running Brook' and stuff.
Lately, I've seen Nice Alcoholic Girl around several times. Driving in the same places, I mean. The first time I noticed her was because she almost hit my car. She drives a truck, the little kind...it's gray and has several AA bumper stickers. 'One Day at a Time' and something else. Anyway, I noticed her last week when the crazy blue hair in front of me stopped for no reason and she almost didn't stop at all. But she did. Otherwise I'd have a much less nice name for her.
The weird part came when I saw her on the expressway yesterday. Same haircut, same chick, same truck. I was having one of those days where I was making conversation with myself (maybe I spend too much time alone?), so when I saw her I said, "Ah, there's Nice Alcoholic Girl." She got off just an exit or two later, but I was glad we got to spend some more time together. Hope she's doing well, and still on the wagon, if she wants to be...

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