22 December 2003

So about motivation...I have none :D Yeah. Already gave notice and the boss is gone til Friday. Surf's up! hehehehe

Now, I know this is gonna sound repetitive from a couple months ago, but the guy I met last weekend? Fabulous! I didn't hear anything from him til Saturday, but then we were together Saturday night and again last night. And he said he got me a Christmas present! I love presents! He's very special, and he makes me feel very special. It's very good. But want to know a secret? I changed my whole...um...strategy, I suppose. I was out with some other friends earlier in the evening Saturday and the (male) friends said that sure enough, if I thought I wanted something more serious I shouldn't...well, you know..hubba hubba with him yet. So I haven't. But boy do I want to! Now the question is, how long should I wait? We sleep in the same bed, and he is completely respectful (no, I didn't say we don't do anything, but I'm calling the shots...). Where's the line? Someone who's worked through this, tell me!! ;)

Last but not least, I know my comments are moody...suggestions for something else? I already have the paid version of whatever this is..... my email is over there ----> if you can't leave me a comment....

If you celebrate Chanakuh, hope you're enjoying! It's like the third or fourth day, isn't it?

Hope your holiday season is going great!

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