18 December 2003

No one died, no blood shed. He said he was surprised (this guy must have blinders the size of....well, pretty darn big!) and sad to hear I planned on leaving. Then he said since I didn't have anything lined up yet I was welcome to hang around a bit longer. Don't hold your breath!
My neck and shoulders are killing me! They guy last weekend bragged about his back rubs - where is he now? I know why everything hurts. Have you heard the whole philosophy that how you describe what hurts usually tells why it hurts? I think I first heard it from Sylvia Browne, the psychic chick. My neck and shoulders hurt because I've been carrying the weight of the world on them. Yes, stress. Sorry, maybe I should have made sure you were sitting down before I sprung something like that on ya.
And I'm lonely. I have far away guys fawning all over me, but the one reasonable lead that's close isn't calling. Whatever.

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