05 November 2003

So how's all the NaNoWriMo-ing going? Here? Not-so-much. I'm just shy of 2600 words so far, but when I've had time to write it is coming easy. So I suppose that's something. The 'time to write' is the issue. I freed up..ah, heck, nothing. I just moved the rest of my week all around to fit in having my car checked out. Oh, goody. It might be the ball something, or the cv joint or possibly the bearing-ma-jobber. It's definitely more money than I have. No, I'm not psychic. I have no money. They will want some to make my car all better. I'll come up with something - I always do.

So I applied online for a couple Branch Administrator positions. It sounded really nice. Daily stuff, mailings, balancing, processing payments for a financial services company. Actually the same job and company for several applications tonight, just different branches. I'm looking for something less creative. I'm tired of having to fight for my ideas. Financial services sounds wonderful.

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