12 November 2003

So are animals governed by social Darwinism too?

I was wondering about this a couple weeks ago. There's a road by my house that is residential on one side and a golf course on the other. On a half mile stretch of road, there were like five dead squirrels. At first I thought, aww..poor lil squirrels! But then it occurred to me, were the other squirrels standing on the side as he (don't ask how I know they're male squirrels...) got ready to cross, screaming, "NO!! Dumbass! Cars! HELLO!!!!"
Maybe just before I drove by seeing all their furry lil corpses there were hordes of squirrels standing by watching and shaking their heads.
"You know Earl...he never did pay much attention to where he was going. Social Darwinism at work, I tell ya. At least his dumb squirrel genes won't be messing up our gene pool anymore..."

Just curious...

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